Questions To Ask An Attorney

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

Questions to Ask When Hiring An Attorney

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1. How Long Have You Practiced Law ?

You want to know whether they’re just getting started or if they have years of experience to offer.

2. What Types of Cases do You Handle

This tells you if they have experience in the areas that you need.

3. Who Do You Typically Represent

It’s Important to know whether the attorney that you’re hiring works mainly with individuals or corporates.

4. How Many Similar Cases Have You Had ?

Find out their track record – do they do your specific work often and how successful have they been.

5. Do You Have Specific Training for My Case ?

In addition to being a qualified attorney, some cases may require additional qualifications.

6. What are the Costs Involved ?

Try to get an idea of what the entire process is going to cost. Remember to ask about payment options.

7. What is the Likely Outcome of My Case ?

Attorneys are not likely to give you any guarantees, but they will be able to lay out the possible outcomes.

8. How Long Will This Case Take ?

Your attorney may not be able to dictate the pace of your case, but they should give you an estimation.

9. How Will We Communicate ?

Find out how often you should expect to hear from them, and whether it will be via email or phone.

10. What is My Role ?

Do you need to collect additional documents ? Find out what you can do to help but don’t get in the way.
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