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We offer you the service of receiving the best quote from the best lawyers in the business. These benefits are extended to people from all walks of life, in any location and financial means. This enables you to get the best possible attorney at the best possible price . The lawyers at our affiliate firms endeavour to go the extra mile for all our clients and try there level best to ensure your success.

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What are the Benefits of Using Us?

Need an attorney? Don’t want the hassle of doing the research? With Attorney Services you wont have to, we give you the best lawyers and the best quotes in your area, simple and effortless.

Why We’re The Best

Attorney Services, a brilliant online service developed to help you! Never have to worry about legal issues again , we ensure that you are always protected. What started as a small partnership between friends has grown to become one of the leading sites to get the best quotes and attorneys at your fingertips. For your convenience, our partners have branches in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

What We Offer

You are now able to get quick quotes from the 3 best attorneys in their field within your neighbourhood. Therefore giving you easy access to the best attorneys in the country in many different fields of law. Saving you time by cutting out long waiting lines and saving you money!

find an attorney who can help you get what you need

By analysing what you need, we will connect you with the right attorney so you get the best possible legal representation.

Do you require experts in Criminal Law?

Need help with a criminal law issue? Are you struggling to find the best representation?

Are you struggling to find competent representation? Are you facing issues due to criminal litigation matters? Let us help you. We ensure that all criminal litigation matter is handled with the care and delicacy it deserves, putting your needs first.

Are you struggling to find employment? Are you’re job prospects diminishing because of your criminal record? Let us help you get rid of those unwanted records. The process of expungement of criminal records does not have to be a long tedious encounter.

Are you searching for a competent representative for trial purposes? Well, look no further Service Attorney can put you in touch with one of the best trial lawyers in the country. A trial is a formal examination of evidence by a judge, typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings.

Criminal Lawyer
Corporate Law

Corporate and Commercial Law Services

We assist all our clients by helping them get in touch with the best corporate and commercial lawyers.

Are you facing issues regarding Intellectual Property? Make sure you receive the best lawyers and all your intellectual property issues are dealt with by competent lawyers. Intellectual property is an intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents, copyrights, etc.

Let us refer you to the best conveyancing attorneys in your neighbourhood. Don’t spend hours choosing the best lawyer, let us find one for you at the best price. Our conveyancing attorneys are swift and efficient with the transfers of title deeds and winding of estates making it a hassle free.

Are you in need of an excellent trademarking attorney in South Africa? Well, look no further. Attorney Services are able to refer you to the best in the business! Since trademarking is such a competitive field and is used to distinguish different brands we ensure that it is given the importance it deserves.

Are you being declared insolvent? Do you know what your rights are? Let us help you get in touch with the people who do.Insolvency is the status of diminished legal capacity imposed by the courts on persons who are unable to pay their debts, or whose liabilities exceed their assets in terms of the Insolvency Act.

Let us refer you to the most trustworthy and affordable Patent lawyers in the country. Get in touch with lawyers who deal in matters regarding patency and are well versed in it.

Family law

We are always eager to help with all your family orientated needs. Irrespective of the circumstances we guarantee to do our best to help you find the best family law attorney during your time of need.

Do you need a good divorce lawyer? Don’t fall victim to long drawn out divorce proceedings refers to the termination of a marital union and cancelling of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage. Our firm is qualified to handle all aspects of the divorce proceedings including custody battles. We encourage swift handlings of family situations, to prohibit extended battles between family members. . Our partner firms are qualified to handle all aspects of the divorce proceedings. We encourage swift handlings of family situations, to prohibit extended battles between family members.
Becoming a parent is a time of happiness and all round fulfilment. One requires an efficient lawyer who adds to this experience. Let us put you in touch with the best family lawyers, so you can enjoy the new addition to your family.
Are you a victim of unfair discrimination? Did you know that you have rights that safeguard you from any form of unfair discrimination which is listed in our Constitution. Receive quotes from efficient lawyers today, who are willing to fight your cases today! The human Rights lawyers within our partner firms handle infringement cases with all the necessary scrutiny and importance it deserves.
Family Lawyer
Labour Lawyer

Labour law

This niche of law is fasting expanding within our country. Make sure you secure your place with the best labour attorneys in the business.

Have you recently lost your job? Do you need assistance with taking action against your previous employer.In cases where individuals were unfairly dismissed from there place of employment our partner firms are geared and ready to fight your case. Need more information regarding our recourse against unfair dismissals?

Are you starting a new job or is there a vacancy that has just opened up within your company? Let us help you get in touch with the best labour lawyers in your area.They will assist with the drafting, finalising and inspection of all contracts of employment. Binding any loopholes and creating a contract which is free and fair to both employer and employee.

Don’t let yourself fall victim, always have representation during a disciplinary hearing. Our partner firms pride themselves on handling all disciplinary hearings with utmost confidentiality and fairness in their dealings. We ensure that only the best attorneys represent you at disciplinary disputes ensuring that there aren’t mass forms of intimidation and biases in the verdicts achieved.

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